Isolation rooms COVID-19

Temporary modular buildings for healthcare support.

Kan-Bud provides modular buildings in terms of Covid-19 prevention and offers temporary space solutions for health support. We convert prefabricated containers to emergency rooms for the following applications:

  • triage rooms
  • mobile hospital facilities
  • solitary rooms
  • containerised first aid structures
  • prefabricated quick connect control pre-entry
  • sanitary and sterile accommodation boxes
  • portable motels for quarantine
  • isolation rooms & support modules
  • prefabricated labs & monitoring modules
  • first aid modular capsules
  • disinfection pods adjacent to existing company buildings/ hospital/ institution entrances
  • mobile temperature test rooms
  • first aid modular capsules
  • changing rooms and sanitary cabins
  • modular control and diagnostic stations 

Easily duplicable with high mobility aimed to be moved from one spot to another as a rapid crisis response. Each module may operate independently to assure safety and prevent viral transmissions. Adding more units to existing ones at any time is yet another great advantage of offsite-construction systems. Set up your accommodation camp with clean, safe and available modules right now!

Technology of production:

Containers STANDARD type

Containers PREMIUM type

Containers VIP type

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